Hotel Terme Venezia and Technogel: the soft side of life

Hotel Terme Venezia is the only hotel in Italy to adopt the patented technology by Technogel, a company specialized in the rest whose products are exported all over the world.

Technogel has patented a special soft-gel which, moving in three dimensions, fits perfectly to the movements of the body, ensuring a better quality of sleep.

Here are some of the features that make Technogel mattresses and pillows unique:
Innovative material designed and patented by Technogel and Bayer;Completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and resistant to wear material;3D deformation with reduction of pressure peaks (unlike traditional foams);Thermal regulation thanks to the thermo-conductive material;Ergonomic design;Pleasant cool sensation.
Technogel: the stuff of which dreams are made
Technogel redefines with its technology the quality of rest. Specific studies made by famous centers of comfort and rest, as the Institute of Ergonomics of Monaco or the Sleep Center at the University Hospital “Le Molinette” of Turin, have guaranteed the quality and reliability of the materials and techniques used by Technogel for the construction of their mattresses and pillows.
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Technogel knows how important the quality of sleep is. A restless sleep may impair concentration and clarity of thought necessary to make decisions or perform complex cognitive activities.

On the contrary, a restful sleep helps the body to complete all the steps necessary to consolidate the memory while you sleep, to repair muscle tissues and release hormones that regulate growth and appetite.

Sleep is important. Rest well is essential. This is why Hotel Terme Venezia has adopted Technogel materials in the beds of our structure. To ensure our guests a 360° wellness experience.

Many sports champions have chosen the rest offered by Technogel to improve their sporting performance. Among these, there are cyclists Ivan Basso, Vincenzo Nibali, Peter Sagan, Daniel Oss, the baseball player Neil Walker, the rugby players Leonardo Ghirardini and Marco Bortolami, the hockey player Marc-Andre Fleury, the bodybuilder Kelly Olexa or Toulon Rugby Club and the FDJ cycling team.

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